ProInfluence is a platform that provides innovative entrepreneurs and early-to-growth stage companies with access to crucial services, connections and exposure to potential sponsors. The launch of Startup Spotlight™ in 2017 has already helped many consumer-based startups reach new consumers, retailers, investors and other key stakeholders.

Startup Spotlight™, is a digital platform that showcases unique startup companies and their passionate founders. The Spotlight shines on select companies by producing a carefully crafted blog profile, recording a one-on-one podcast discussion with the company’s founder, and by creating a sampling opportunity of the company’s product/service to the Startup Spotlight™ audience.

Steve Schwartz, Founder -  Email | LinkedIn

Steve founded ProInfluence in 2016 and has led the company’s evolution to become an effective partner within the entrepreneurial community.

His participation with multiple accelerators, attendance at national industry events and growing industry relationships gives him a good feel for the startup ecosystem.

Keep updated on the latest episode of Startup Spotlight™ and other insightful information relative to unique and innovative consumer-based startup companies, including special offers.

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